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Entry Fee: $335 one event, $500 two events


Payments Can be made to

Waterski Events LLC


Zelle to 310-721-1158


a. Rules to follow IWSF Current Rule book except when outlined below.

b. Bibs must be worn during the finals while the event is broadcast

c. Official measurement is metric

d. All skiers must provide completed tax forms before skiing.

e. Schedule changes due to weather, safety or unforeseen issues will be at the sole discretion of the event organizers

f. The First Two Rounds of Jump and Two Rounds of Slalom will be ran as Record
Capable and/or Ranking List Capable. The Final Rounds will be ran at the
organizer’s discretion, as Ranking List or X (Fun/Non-Homologated).


Top 20 Men & Women Jump and Slalom Skiers

1. The Top 20 Men & Women Jump and Slalom Skiers are invited to submit an entry. 2. The Top 20 Skiers will be determined by the IWWF Tuesday Dynamic List on March 28, 2023.

3. The entry deadline for the Top 20 Skiers will be April 7th. Full entry required.

4. After April 7th, the organizer will take entries “down the list”, and from the additional submitted entries.

5. The organizer has 5 wild cards for each event, at their disposal.

6. Events

  • Open Men & Women Jump Skiers

  • Junior Boys Jump, U14 Division per invite from the Organizer

  • Junior Boys Jump, U17 Division per invite from the Organizer

  • Open Slalom Skiers

  • Additional Saturday Festival Events to Include:

    •  Trick Exhibition

    • Show Ski Exhibition 

    • Adaptive Skier Exhibition

Open Men & Women Jump


1.  Jump Round One includes all open men & women jumpers

2. Top six (men) & Top four (women) from Round One advance to the finals, and are not allowed to ski in Round Two.

3.  Jump Round Two includes all open men/women jumpers not yet qualified for the finals

4.  Top two from Round Two advance to the finals

5.  The Finals will consist of 8 Male & 6 Female Jumpers/Skiers based on the rules outlined above.

6.  Seeding is based on the IWWF Weekly Dynamic List published on Tuesday 04/25/2023. This list will be printed and held by the scorer, and presented upon request.

7.  Seeding for Round Two will be based on Round One Scores with tie breaks using Seeding into Round One.

8.  Seeding for the Final Round will be based on Qualifying Scores, with those qualified in round one seeded ahead of round two qualifiers.


1. Round One and Round Two ties for the 6th Men /4th Women, and 8th Men/6th Women spot respectively will be broken by a two jump “jump off”. All other ties for placement in Round One will be broken by the Ranking List Seeding used for Round One. All other ties for placement in Round Two will be broken by the Round One scores. If ties continue to exist, it will be broken by the seeding value of the skiers coming into the event.

2. Ties for First Place, in the Final Round will be broken by a two jump “jump off”. The order of skiers will be by random draw.

3.  All other ties in the Finals will be broken by the next longest jump of the skiers set (in the finals- not from prior rounds).

U14 and U17Boys Jump 


1. Two Rounds on Friday.

2. The top two U14 and top two U17 skiers, from either round will advance to Saturday Night

3. One Round of Jump Saturday during “the event”. Top 2 Skiers from U14 and top 2 Skiers from U17


Will depend on time. At organizers discretion.

Men & Women Slalom

Procedure for Rounds One & Two on Thursday

1. Class R
2. Top 4 scores from either round advance to Saturday Head to Head Finals

  1. 1. Ties for the last spot(s) will be broken as follows:

  • Ties are broken by either round backup score

  • If still tied, then Run-Off as follows

    •  1st Run-Off. New draw for order. Best Score Wins

    •  If still tied. Then top seeded skier into event chooses skiing order, second skier must exceed score of first.

  1. 2. Ties for placement into the final round, which have not been decided by a Run Off will be determined by best back up score, then seeding into the event.

3. Top 5- 8 are placed as such on the podium

  • 1. Ties are broken by either round backup score

  • 2. If still tied then follow tie break rule above.


Saturday Evening During Festival

1. Finals- Head to Head. Second Skier must exceed the score of the First Skier. No Run-Offs.

2. Two Boats, each skier immediately after the other in head to head format.

3. Pairs- Higher Seed May Select to go First or Select the Boat

  • First Pair: #4 and #1 Skier

  • Second Pair: #3 and #2 Skier

  • Then Final Two Skiers- same format

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